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Megasquirt ECU

Mad Man Measures

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I can most likely do it for you, depending on the condition of your car and installation.

Cool thanks. I got an escort gti me engin is fairly standered atm but is gonna get modifiyed over time i just want to get me ECU sorted now as the previous owner fitted kent cams an pullys an ever since he did that its running a bit rough. I dont have the ECU yet an i dont know a lot about engine management but i wanna get it all sorted in the next couple of weeks

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ok thanks. how much am i looking at to get the mapping done?


Depends on how long it takes. If you do a good installation it should be around a day at 250 quid.

ok thanks ill get in contact once its ready to be mapped

I think i might hold off on getting me ECU done as me engine has no decided to burn oil faster than petrol so i need to get that sorted first

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I already have a MS calibration for a stock 1.8 GTI so it wouldn't be too much work.




Interesting, never been interested in Mapping but compared to my 1.8 Rover K-Series engine my 1.8 ZETEC is pretty poor in comparison, mine is the 115 version, what kind of gains would I get from this system ?


Any Mods I should do to the engine first ?


Are there any drawbacks ?


Cheers Stu !!! :thumb:

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