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I know its not an escort, but a few people like it when ive posted pictures before :)


Its my 2003 mondeo Zetec S TDCi



So far ive:

lowered it 50mm

"black eyed" the Xenon headlights

Fitted final facelift rear lights

Painted the STD wheels in Ford Graphite Grey

Fitted a parott mki9200 handsfee kit with ipod adaptor

Fitted polybushes to the rear suframe

Fitted powerfold mirrors and wired it to the double locking

Adapted a Ford flip key from a mk4 mondeo

Fitted the "ash black" trim from a Ghia X

And a few other bits :)


This is it when i got it






And here is how it is now :)


And Yes it is foggy :)










Comments welcome good or bad :)



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Thanks for the comments everybody :blush: i painted the wheels and did everything else before i lowered it, so i never saw it lowered with the silver wheels :(


Very very nice, need to do something with the back end now so it becomes a complete package. Agree with Lee R, would look good just lowered :thumb:



Your too right, when i look at the back i always want to do something but im not sure what. Im thinking st220 bumper with twin exit exhausts, or an st tdci bumper with a single exit exhaust :) There pretty pricey tho lol

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