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What is the craziest bet you have ever put on?


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Proper bets with real money/odds/at a bookies etc. not just with your mates about taking one for the team, or else this thread could go out of control :pancake:


It can be about the amoun of money put on, the odds, a chance, no hopers etc. etc. ?


I would NEVER do this but i've been saving for next years insurance since I got my insurance last year so got a fair amount, sat wacthing MOTD just now and thought "hmm, wonder how much I would win if I put my insurance savings on a favour to win" so tried putting it on he Chelsea v Everton match on the 10th which I think is a definite for Chelsea?.... turns out I would get about £600! and that would pay my insurance off completely and give me money for somethign a bit special :nutter: I so wish I could afford to chance so much money! :P


So....W.H.Y ?

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I put a tenner on Liverpool to win the Champions League before their last group game with Olympiakos. They had to win the game by 2 clear goals (if I remember) and no-one was giving them a chance. Because they were considered out of the competition going into the last game I managed to get odds of 50/1.


Then they miraculously ended up going to win the competition and I got myself a tidy £500.


I also put a bet on Arsenal to win the Premier League Title at Xmas in the 1997/1998 season (before they went on the 13 game winning run) and got odds of 9/1.


Never bet loads on a football match, you'll end up losing. For the record, in the last Chelsea/Everton game (only a couple of weeks ago and Chelsea were at home), the score ended 3-3. And Chelsea drew with Hull 1-1 on Wednesday despite the fact they're bottom of the league.


Just something to think about.

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£2.50 on a football coupon, never watched/followed football in my life and chose the 10 or however many teams it was by going down the list and saying, I've been there, got realtives there, company I work for has a branch there etc etc etc. Scary thing is I got more right than my mates that follow the game :pancake:


Still won nowt though!

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