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Ive got my mits on a little project to help me hone my welding skills. It needs a little bit doing to it, a couple of inner front wing patches, a boot floor and a couple of other bits. Once this is stuck back together I should have the swing of it, and then I will have a go at the roll cage in the track car.


Its a 2.5 TD, automatic, 170k on the clock, needs a thorough clean as well to get it up to scratch.


But if I blow holes though it and melt it, because of what it cost and what I could break it for, its a no lose situation.


and here are a couple of pics that could challenge Sidrick in the crap opening pics stake:





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How much clearance is there parking it down there?


Also I like the bull bars :thumb:

Clearance? not much, least I know I could get a RR down there if I end up getting one.


Dan, I might well end up needing a few bits so thats good to know

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This one was a bit of trouble for the previous owner, in the last couple of years it has had loads done to it, so Im not too concerned about it. It might get sold once its been exorcised of the tinworm, I dont know yet. Even if I do keep it, it wont be a daily driver, probably only a couple of thousand miles a year.
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