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last breakings - [No Location]


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sunday 14th and monday 15th only proper breaking most parts gone come grab parts for a fiver!!!!









engine parts

ac parts


slam panel

dented badboy bonnet


all £5 wil do two for 8


panther black mk6 btw...

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check link in my sig for pics

bonnet is pretty dead as had a crash but is worth a fiver for the pre cut eyebrows you could cut out.

i think it could be straightened out with little effort. still opens and closes.kinda looks like bonnet raisers or gsi vents lol


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do you have a pedal box at all


yeah how would i go about removing it and how heavy is it for psotage? you can come take it out yourself for a fiver


I'll see if Im free to come buy that drivers door off you at somepoint this week/weekend



be good if you can come monday bud just before it gets picked up

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1) Please make sure your advert contains all the relevant information. Price and location are essential, without these, your For Sale thread will be closed.

When you are ready to include the correct details, please send me a message and I will re open your for sale topic, you can either amend the first post to include a location, or add your location to your profile.

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