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New Mod for Smackdown vs Raw 2010


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xbox 360 Roster Hack Version 0.5


Made by brienj






The only place this hack is allowed to be hosted, is at http://gator836.hostgator.com/~sac/svrhack/ or http://www.stormclad.com/svrhack/


This is the first public release of the roster hack. This is not a final release in any way, so treat it as such.

The hack will be improved upon over time, and I will try and do periodic updates.


The main goal of the hack, is to eventually add all the characters from SvR 2007 - 2009 and LOWM, other characters

have and will be added from time to time, but for now, there is a hold on new characters being added.


Now for the instructions on use, there is no support, you must use Google if you do not understand any of the instructions:

1. You must use the save that came with the hack for any of the hacks to show up. Just resign it to your profile ID

and console ID. You must have the SCSA DLC for the save to work, but because of the next instruction, this shouldn't

be a problem.

2. The hack can only be played off the HD of your Xbox 360, i.e. JTAG exploit, dev kit, test kit, etc. Take the files

included in the hack, and put them on your HD with the game, overwriting any files that are the same name, look at

#10 for instructions on installing people with alt. attires.

3. It will not work to play the hack on the DVD, and I doubt it ever will be.

4. Some of the added wrestlers have movesets, or at least movesets close to their real moveset, others have random

movesets, there are people working on making them all correct.

5. To get entrance music to work for an added wrestler, make a playlist on your 360 and name it after the wrestler.

For example, if you want Ric Flair to have entrance music, then make a playlist on the 360 and name it Ric Flair,

it is that simple, don't over think the process. An exception is the NWO Hogan, call the playlist Hollywood.

6. Do not try to alter any entrances for added wrestlers, or you will lose the titantron, for NPCs that don't have

titantrons, then it doesn't matter, change all you want.

7. There are hacked CAFs, they can be used in someone's moveset if you like.

8. If something doesn't work right, let me know, but don't bitch about it, that isn't the best way for me to hurry and

fix it. This is an early release, and I spent many, many hours on what is finished so far, I don't need whiners

and complainers telling me to fix things.

9. Don't bitch about Kurt or Brock's overall stats, it will be ignored.

10. Kurt Angle and RVD have alt. attires, but you can only install one at a time. Pick which attire you want, remove

the name of the attire from the end of the file and install that file. It's that simple, once again, don't overthink

the process.


Ok, that should get you started, I hope you enjoy the hack, and get some fun out of it, and I hope to keep updating it

from time to time.


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