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My new project


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Just got this 1.6si for £300, service history upto 60,000 miles current milege 81,000

abit of rust on the sills, boot and just starting on the wheel arches..

other then 2 chips in the screen and a 2k idle its in good nik..

engine is mint so is the gearbox..






plan to do the standard gti/rs2000 rep

disc rear beam

V6 breaks

Elecy sun roof


basicly what I did to my old one.. but finish this one












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i hope not.. ;) just need to sort the idle out..

2 years of owning a vectra I wanted my escort back..


No that feeling mate! I change to something else but always go back to an escort lol Looks a good base, Not seen a 'T' reg escort si before?

how did you live with a vectra for 2 years? i couldnt manage 2 months!!

Thought the last of the Si's, ghia's etc was 98 S plates as the Focus came out then leaving just the finnesse and flight

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glad your keeping it going. get sick of reading all these 'escort breaking' posts. they can be useful but at the rate they are being broken there wont be many left in couple years. theres 8 different ones at my local breakers to the ones that were there 3 weeks ago. thats at least 16 in 3 weeks just in my area :(
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