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Is there ne one on here from the old car shows (2006 onwards?)


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i was at some of the old shows :thumb:


Nobody cares about you Rach.......
























Except for Meeeee. :wub:




On a serious Note, Shelly I can not say I remember you, but, Lee is still here. Matt has kind of dissapeared from the face of the earth. :thumb:

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I dint drive mate my daughters dad had an escort n i use to go with him to the shows!!!!







Apologies....Portidge or other grrr manly food!? lol


Shelly what did you drive - can't say i remember you?


just been on one of your threads from 2004, and noticed Rich got banned :-O



YH YH i think i remember u :) xx





i was at some of the old shows :thumb:



I really dont remember lending a tenner off you :innocent:




I remember you Shelly!!!!


I leant you a tenner at Silverstone 03 and you never gave it back :(


It's me, Martin

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