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Best games for PS3


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Hey guys I'm gonna be getting a PS3 soon (finally). And I'm trying to decide what to get for it!I'm already set on MGS4, that's the main reason I'm getting the system. Say supposing I only want to spend the money on two or three others, what should I get?Not in to sports games. And I already got MW2 and GTA4 on PC.Go ahead and throw em out there; I'd love to hear some 'unknown' awesome games for PS3 as well, not just the big hits.Thanks in advance!
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The PlayStation 3 is a graphical powerhouse, with a cutting-edge Cell processor and a customized Nvidia graphics chip that could melt most gaming PCs.PlayStation®3 consoles and enjoy a complete gaming experience.





On topic though there is "Heavy rain" "Final Fantasy 13" and "Formula 1 2010" due out in the next few weeks, then Gran Turismo 5 (nearer christmas though)


Games already available that are decent IMO are "operation flahpoint dragon rising"

and you may want to get uncharted 2 (i cant comment on it personally but its meant to be good)

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