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Some help from EVO please (enjoy)

fresh dfm

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OK so, problem is my mate who i have seen fail and fail again with cars has now managed to get his hands on an escort. I have to live with the sight of it on a daily basis so to prevent this one ending up with viper stripes, chrome m3 mirrors, a huge body kit and a ford rally sunstrip i am after a list of mods to make the car look good and a list of fails so i can link him to this page and drum some sence into him.


Im not sure of the colour but its the darkish green, its a 5 door LX. I dont have a pic but at the moment its completely standard, other than the BRIGHT BLUE CHROME RIPSPEED tax disc holder, custom gear knob and 15" RIPSPEED ALLOYS. (This sounds worse than it is as the alloys replaced the standard wheels and could be much worse and the tax disc holder can only really be seen from inside the car)


I wont lie the first mod hes thinking of is a set of lexus lights so you can see where this is going. PLease help and if anyone can get any pictures involved of the right mods then please please do. We all know opinions on the already existing mods so not after any abuse just help please as my opinion alone is not strong enough:


Also if anyone can source a pic of a green 5 door thats nice would be very helpful as he would look at it and think my car could look like that!!!!!!



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I would post a picture of my green 5 door, but it's more rat look GTI these days :(

There are some more subtle kits out there for the Escort that don't look too "ripspeed" - maybe you can help him settle on one of those :)


One of my favourite green 5dr's on the site is Danzetec's car:



Loved it like that, personally didn't like the ST rear bumper but meh.... wasn't my car.

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Send him this.. i bet he'd love it ;)






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PeeWee's old MK5b's none were replicas and both looked great. Alot of thought went into them. :)


I'll try find some pics.






One of my fave modded 5B's. :cheers:


Pete will tell you more info, but it consisted of:


MK6 mirrors,

M3 Skirts,

ST24 replica rear bumper,

XR/RS Morrettes,

Aftermarket bonnet scoop,

17" alloys (dunno what)

Mazda style rear lights.


Don't know what the front bumper was, don't know if Pete ever found out either. lol.

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Lol what a heap that audi escort is!!


Yeh iv never seen that bumper before, love how red the car is looks well clean.




I definatley think GTi sideskirts and spats are the best place to start, they are the first things i would put on any standard escort...

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Whats the correct name of this sort of bumper??


Isnt it a modded foglight bumper with a cossie splitter and laguna splitter?


Thats right, it was built up on the standard bumper, anyway its gone to a new home now and mine has a more subtle look :)




I honestly think the best thing to do first is get a lowering kit :thumb:

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