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think my clutch ratchet it fucked


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hmm... just came back in with the car driving along.. within about the space of 2/3 mins of town driving my gears were becoming difficult to engage. i stuck a new clutch in her last may (LUK clutch so not some cheepie) and its only done about 12k. Ive found its like the opposite of slipping, the clutch is basiccly not engaging, Pedal feels the same.. so in thinking either the ratchet or stretched cable ;P


any pointers guys? :) :cheers:

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Hi All, newbie here


bought a 1.8td mk6 last month, had a probe but its too expensive to run


i think my ratchets gone, the clutch pedal went to the floor and stayed there, makeing me think my cable had snapped


on nursing the car home, i popped the bonnet,

pulled the clutch cable on the bell housing and the clutch pedal moves up and down,

so im guessing its the ratchet.


how hard are they to replace?,

are they expensive?

what tools would i need?


im out of work at the mo :( so i dont need any garage bills.


many thanks in advance is someone ca help me

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