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2.0 ECU wiring


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right guys basically i've heard from stoney that seeing i have an aftermarket alarm in my car when the 2.0 conversion goes ahead and the ecu gets changed the alarm system won't work properly or at all!


at the current state its a clifford G4 piece of crap, but next week i'm getting a new viper 480xv with intellistart fitted to replace it and my worry is that if i do the conversion later on and change the ecu with the engine with the new alarm system fitted that the alarm won't work when the new ecu is fitted


so i'm wondering can i get a 2.0 pre pats ecu fitted on my 1.8 115ps engine before the new alarm system gets fitted and would the engine run ok? well basically like normal?


or do i have to add the 2.0 maf and throttle body to comply with the ecu change, the engine conversion will go ahead but not just yet as i would like the engine rebuilt or reconditioned.


so if anyone can help that will be gladly appreciated especially stu!!! :cheers:

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yeah i'm kinda curious to what happened with stoney's alarm after the 2.0 ecu. i think he has a cobra alarm unsure though.


yeah JC just looked at the 5901 looks quite good that, but its not available yet! well not in the places i've looked other than vipers main website! i've had the viper alarm system off my old escort 5 door so i just called up gap security and they are reorganising to have it refitted so don't think there is no need to waste more money on a new system when i currently have one in a shoebox lol!

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