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i need a red key for my gti as i never got one when i bought i,but cut coded etc comes to 75 pound was wondering if i bought a slug ecu with a red key would that work instead


In theory - yes. Just swap the ECU then do this to programme in your current keys. Wrap the key cap of your black key in tin foil to hide the transponder - hold the red key near to the lock assembly while you turn the ignition on with your now hidden key. The PATS light should come on the go off as normal. If it doesn't just move the red key around a little and try again until it does. Once it does, take the red key away - remove the tin foil off the key cap and turn the ignition off. Wait until the PATS light comes back on and turn the ignition back on to code the ECU to the key. Repeat for any other keys you have.

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