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Oil Breather Problem


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Hey guys, just had a quick scout about and couldn't see anything mentioned about this so if anyone knows any possible reasons why then that'd be awesome.


Pretty much I swapped to a Air Filter and Oil Breather last year. when taking out the original airbox, there was an amount of oil in the little sponge like filter, and some on the gear box underneath as the airbox was damaged and it was seeping through the cracks. Silly me didnt think much of it and just cleaned it up replaced the parts and carried on my way.

Well over the last year i've noticed that theres more oil over my gearbox, and the filter instead of being a nice red is soaked in oil, I've replaced it once and reposistioned it so it is upright thinking it may be because it wasnt sitting quite upright, but it to is covered in oil and still dripping everywhere it would seem.


Anyone else had this sort of problem, or know of a solution?


thanks in advance

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