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07' Civic ES top spec


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This is the ES model which comes with; Auto lights/wipers, 4x electric windows, cruise control, electric heated mirrors, Panoramic Glass roof, dual-zone climate control, refrigerated glovebox, 16" alloys ETC ETC ontop of the high standard specification the car comes with from the factory.


85k (used daily for 20 to work and back so my increase SLIGHTLY, comes with FULL Honda service history and has just had a new clutch fitted (11/02/10 at the cost of £604.96!!!!) - it wasn't slipping - but thought since it's done 85k in 3 years it would be due, so would rather sell the car with a new one then an old, 4 recent tyres...fronts in October @ 83k & the rears at 84k in January, aircon was charged just before the cold spell also for faster demisting.


few stonechips - but you'd expect that from a car that's been sat on the motorway its whole life, NONE have gone down to the metal or rusted. everything the car came with from the factory is still fitted and i installed a Parrot CK3100 bluetooth car unit that is all nicely put through the sound system with ISO leads so no butchering or wires ETC ETC



any questions/picture requests fire away - still under warranty until April


I will state that nobody will drive this car without without a certificate of FULLY COMPREHENSIVE insurance to cover this car, not Third Party - if not i'm more than willing to take you out in it and do whatever tests you like.





£8,295 outside of EVO

£8,000 for EVO

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