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my car


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i bought the car in 2002, 1.6 escort chicane, 1998, totally standard as it was an ex-mobility car, had 1 owner, full service history and only 30,000 on the clock. i wanted to do things to it so i started messing, as you do! proper chaves car :pancake: :rolleyes:








then i joined evo and decided to have a proper go at it! :thumb: so we took it apart and started work on it on the drive! :roll:







bumper went on!


spoiler next


back valance


sent the car to have the bonnet done


skirts went on


then it was sprayed



inbetween all this it had a 1.8 mondeo block dropped in as my Goodgen pins sounded terrible on the 1.6. :thumb:


then it went into the shows with evo for a couple of yrs then i decided to take it off the road for 12 months to have new zorsts on, cut the wheel well out so that could be done how i wanted them, the lambo doors, delocked and debadged, one off spray job, waxcoiled everywhere, polybushes all round and to get rid of the back doors!! :D and a few more things. it came back out in 2006, spent about 6 months, 1 show (blackpool) on the road then it stayed in storage till i moved it back to my drive and thats when the damage happened so when i moved i put it back into storage, with a smashed front bumper, dead battery, 3 tyres needed, smashed windscreen and no brakes! :nutter: ;( :(

to be fair with running the other cars i didn't even think i would get it back on the road, it was just sitting there and i thought it will never get done sitting here, so decided to get it lifted to a mates drive for a month (cheers nige). then we put a battery on and 2 new tyres i drove it home! :nutter:




ready to start on it again! but at least it was home :thumb:


to be continued..........

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