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Escort Cosworth


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Thanks to stoo2000 I was linked over to here :cheers:


I've decided to sell my escort cosworth to fund a new project.




I moted it on monday so the buyer would have a full years mot, it is moted until 17/02/11.



For its mot it needed a head lamp changing as I bought new ones for it and it turned out one was left hand drive :bash: apart from that it was a clean pass with no advisories, same as last year.

It is currently taxed until the end of the month but I will put 6 months on it.




Kept in a heated insulated garage and hardly used.




Cheap insurance, I have it on a collecters scheme, Its only £300 fully comp and you dont have to use your no claims bonus, it has an agreed valuation of 14k



Mileage 88461

Full service history, with all stickers from the mobile 1 oil in the records, as this is what ford said must be used in the car.

I serviced it recently all with genuine ford bits, oil filter, fuel filter, antifreeze, thermostat, plugs and the parts that came off the car were all genuine parts.

Just before I got the car it had its timing belt and tensioner done and a new fuel pump.




The car has been extremely well looked after, there is a folder full of receipts.




It is the desirable small turbo model that ford made after the original one as it was too laggy, It features improvments such as coil packs, individual piston spray jets, improve head and inlet manifold, this resulted in the fastest accelerating cosworth made.




I spruced the car up with new fog lamps, sidelights, head lights ( the chrome in the originals was looking dirty, i will swap the lens from the old head lamp onto the new one so that the light is new inside but will have the right beam pattern) I put new window rubbers on along the top of the doors.

Wheels were refurbished and new tyres, kuhmo ecstas.




I machine polished the car and it was treated with very expensive wax.




Modifications; there is 3 minimal ones, A K&N air filter ( I have the air box and a brand new genuine filter for it) It has a carbon fibre splitter and hockey sticks as the originals end up warped and a stainless steel magnex exhaust built to original specification, it is'int any louder than the original just stainless. I wanted this car to be completely original as they are more desirable and a rare sight nowadays, so these parts can be taken off, but were already fitted when I got it bar the splitter.




Bad points; The parcel shelf is not original as it has been cut slightly where the wiper motor protrudes into it but the material has been trimmed around it and cant been seen unless the boot is open. There is a tiny bit of rust on the boot lid at the bottom and the bottom of the wing, small but i like to be honest with the description.


















































£13000 o.n.o


07746 896451


Locted near Blairgowrie, Scotland

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