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engine rebuild help


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right guys im purchasing a engine soon a 2.0 to replace my worn one.now i want to rebuild/freshen up the engine before putting it in,ie headgasket and skim new seals and gaskets etc.but what i want to know which i cant find through a search is a list of parts to replace,if some one could put up a list or 2 of parts i require or you would suggest and then i can work out which i would go for. just head gasket and belts or stem seals and valve guides.


so a list please of parts for a freshen up. a list of parts for a standard rebuild.


thanks marc.

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It depends how deep your pockets are really...my 2.0 has had:

New pistons

New rings

Bored out

Crank ground

New shells

New front and rear oil seals


Valve stem seals

Head gasket

Cam seals

Cam belt

Water pump

Oil pump

Plugs and leads

Alt belt tensioner

Alt belt

Clutch kit

All new bolts throughout.

I dread to think of how much its cost :(. Just on a side note, it's well worth replacing the front and rear seals...it's a cock of a job, but while the engine is out you might as well have them done.

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Get a kit off ebay for approx £50 it will contain..


Headgasket - headbolts - inlet & outlet manifold gaskets - valve stem seals - sump gasket - Rocker cover gasket :) and will last, not fail within a few months, Ive got one on my motor and ive done 60k miles in it with the kit fitted. but then genuine headgaskets are the best u can get IMO


You might also think about sprusing the head up...


Head skim, £40 - £50

3 valve angle performance £70 ( thats for all 16 valves)

Get all old valves re dressed for £60 ( free vacum test usally comes with this ) - better than using sandpaper job - or wet n dry

Head fully washed @ £5 or A good scrub down with petrol & carb cleaner, then soaked with kitchen anti grease cleaner, then jet washed :)


then Cam kit £80 - £100


Usally if the engine was running fine before hand then alot of people will keep it together and not replace the parts till they actually go.

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