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got the clutch out of the 1.6 tonight


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Cheap ebay clutch, Lesson learnt, Fcuking Destroyed!


Clutch springs all in bits (bottom of pic)



Scratches to the flywheel hant affected the contact area so itll be fine


Edited by scottg17
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Actually dont look that bad ....


Bet it was jumpy with them control springs goosed.


The flywheel looks ok as well ..



The brown colour ring with bits of blue tell you it's been running nuclear hot - which is probably why it failed.


Yeah its Blued the Steel a little ... Still plenty of meat on the friction plate and the pressure plate has all its fingers.

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Flywheel is fine the heat marks are probably from when it was slipping from the 1st time round.. no scores on the contact surface, it was always quite juddery from new. the ebay member was called ' **england** ' but he seems to no longer be a member typically! Edited by scottg17
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