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Various zetec parts


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I have an EGR setup for a 1.8 zetec escort/mondeo. It came with the engine i bought a while back but i didnt want it fitted. Included in setup:




Inlet Manifold (black plastic)

Egr pipe and valve (inlet to exhaust)

Exhaust Manifold

Cat pipe with the converter parrallel to radiator



Next is a 1.6 EFI cylinder head with injectors/loom/rocker/cams (complete). Came off a 95 engine which the bottom end went. Had 8 new exhaust valves fitted 4months before engine change.



You may not need it but if you want an escort mk6 handbrake lever(straight) for nothing, send me a message. Pick up of course unless you fancy paying postage. the black handle part has a split down one side of it but im sure i can get hold of another quickly.


Nothing to do with ford but if anyone needs a O/S/R door for a mazda 323 98-03, let me know. Its scarlet red and comes with manual window and full door trim. Bought it for a friend but he decided to sell the car before changing the door.

Low low price of £20 (£50 most scrapyards)


Finally, a passenger side driveshaft for a 1.8 primera p11, non-abs. Brand spanking with boot fitted.

Next door neighbour bought it in error and couldnt be bothered to return it (£60?!?), gave it to me instead.

Yours for £20


If anything catches your eye, send me a message of post on here. Thanks

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1) Please make sure your advert contains all the relevant information. Price and location are essential, without these, your For Sale thread will be closed.

When you are ready to include the correct details, please send me a message and I will re open your for sale topic.

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