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grill photoshop- bmw e30


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as some of you know im picking up an e30 in the next few days but have a few ideas buzzing around, could somebody do me a favour and "smooth the grill"


by this i mean, remove the kidney grills at the fron and extent the grill comming from the lights all the way across so the grill is all the same not broken up in the middle with the kidney grills.


hopefully you get what i mean?




a bit like this (but obviously using the bmw grill and without the holes.



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That'd be a pain in the arse to do, and the result would be your BMW looking like a VW :-\


shouldn't be to bad tbh spare light/mesh's are under £25 so using them and the origninal I could cut and bond together and make it smooth, bit of matt or gloss black and I think it'd pull it off a treat. I know what your saying about the vw's but I think I can style the car to draw the likeness away. Most important is I can return it to standard so it's win win, looks good and easily swapped if looks crap.


Cheers escape :)

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The kidneys are part of what make a BMW a BMW...


Looks OK, but much better with them IMO. Good quality photoshopping too :)


lol my gf just said that! Scary! Then she said but I know you will make it look pretty!...girls!

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