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iPlayer/4OD/ITV Player/FIVE On Demand replacement??


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Seems like it's got a pretty good catalogue...

It's still in beta stages so it's very buggy... And I've not managed to play anything but the demos of each program yet (Since the BBC News advertised it for them).

Looks like it could have potential :thumb:

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Probs why the goverment want us all to pay £6 for broadband whether you want it or not

The government get enough of our money... They can feck off...


...Hey I might even fly a plane into a building to make this point more noticeable! :nutter:


BT should be bucking the cost of all these upgrades... it's THEIR network THEY can't arsed to upgrade... It's THEIR customers that THEY are going to lose to the likes of Virgin when they roll out to worst speed areas. Not to mention that THEY should be able to afford these upgrades a few hundred times over with the money they are saving outsourcing THEIR customer support to Pakistan!


Rant over...ish


I've finally managed to stream from the site!! Videos are good in Medium quality on a fairly well spec'ed general purpose PC (P4 3.0GHz, 1Gb, Nvidia 9600GSO, Sound Blaster Audigy SE)... Put the quality on high and CPU usage hits the roof and FPS's are painfully slow!

The dynamic background is a pretty nice idea (turns down the surrounds to the video to not ruin your eyes) but why not just make the surrounds black to begin with... Less fancy means lower spec'ed PCs (and those "sheeping" the craze of the Netbook) can play the videos thus attracting a wider audience.

You can tell it's a beta stage project... let's hope the final release is finished while the programmers are seeing sense.


Saying the above I still can't stream YouTube in HD yet my slightly exceeds the specs needed for 720p Flash video playback... :(

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