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few bits to shift


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I have 4x almost new Kumho 195/65 14s £40 ono


A zetec radiator in excellent condition, was from a car with A/C so has the lugs to fit condenser £20


A 5 speed gearbox with escort driveshafts from a 1600 CVH, will also fit 1.4s, and HCS, CVH engined fiestas £25


Escort stalk set with 6 speed intermittent (headlight switch is faulty though) £10 posted


Mk5a nearside (I think!! will check) headlight in good condition, also clear indicator for the same side £15 posted for the headlight £5 posted for the indicator


I think thats all I have lying around at the mo, really could do with getting the gearbox and radiator out of my garage soon though cuz I need the space!

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Got an electric mirror or two for mk5a escort as well, got a memory like a fish so can't remember which side, will check at the garage today. Last chance to get the gearbox, otherwise I'm weighing it in on monday cuz I can't get my new car (mondeo estate) in the garage with the gearbox in the way!
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