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Racing sims, which is the best?


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yer its a good wheel but if you got the money go for the Logitech g25... And for fun I would say flatout 2..

for racing their are loads out that support 900 degree steering


G27 is the latest gravy mate..but im sticking with my GT unless i "get into it" and crave a better one, and is flatout 2 a sim,as i know flatout1 wasnt..


Are you asking for racing wheels or games Craig?


im asking for games,i have a wheel



You've even got a steering wheel that can do 2 1/2 turns lock to lock!









That actually looks a little intresting lol..however,by sim i was actually referring to race sims like GTR,Rfactor and iracing

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There are too many to list... rFactor I can get for free through work(Probably free online legally... But I can't be arsed to look)... stacks of enveloped discs of it.


I just go for the fun ones on the PC mainly...


Crash Time 1, 2 and 3 (great fun if your a fan of ragging a police car around the Autobahn)


The only semi-serious sims I use are the Toca series (pre-GRID of course - Like DiRT it's a arcade, yank pee-take of the original sim racers)

Toca Race Driver 2 and 3 are pretty decent... no stretch for your new PC though... :(

Viper Racing is a really old sim... Allows the use of an analogue clutch though... Like the G25/27


Gone are the good old days... :(

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I'm expecting delivery of my new computer today, and I've got just "UK truck simulator" in anticipation for it lol. Only just released and it looks quite realistic.

iRacing seems very expensive TBH so i think ill give that a miss


Downloading is free :)


Yeah but to make it work you have to pay nearly a tenner a month, and if you want more than just the standard few tracks it costs about 8 quid per track.... I'll just do rFACTOR for now, and the truck sim, and Toca race driver 3, which ive been playing on my old PC recently.

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