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aftermarket engine management! which one?


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Hi guys,

ive bought this escort van, its had a 4x4 convertion and a 2ltr zetec turbo engine! problem is the wiring has been codged togeather using cossie bits and ecu! and now i find out the ecu is knackered! so i was thinking of getting an aftermarket engine management system fitted! i was just wondering if you lot had any ideas which one would be best to use?

cheers, wayne. :rolleyes:

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The best to use is whatever your preferred tuner promises to make work best.


people keep telling me use omex and my sparky recomends it too! it seems to be the most tuneable!


That's a matter of opinion. As I said, it depends on who you want to tune it. A tuner is going to get their best results by using something they like.

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