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Whats it worth?


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Right guys have now upgraded to an xbox elite so I no longer need my xbox arcade so I will be selling it soon. The ones on ebay vary alot so not sure what to ask for it?


It just ran out of warranty at the beginning of this year. It is in great condition visually and it is in great working condition too. It all comes in the original box and packaging which is mint. Included would be, 256mb memory card, wired controller, xbox live original white headset, Powerpack, Scart cable and adapter, Forza 2 game used - In original box, Arcade compilation game used - In original box.


What will I be looking at getting when I sell it?


Thanks :)

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arcades go for around the fitfty mark round ere, even seen a couple sub fifty go on ebay.


you'll be lucky to see 70 notes imo, specially as the 10x better version is available at silly price brand new with warranty and better features at every Asda now

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