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escort heater blowers


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Just quick question guys,

my blowers dont seem to be working to well.

if i put switch to blow on windows nothing hardly comes out put if i change to front blowers there is a fair amount of air coming out.

is there any fix for this?


it hardly clears my window screen

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Mine was like that too just before it gave up the ghost, the fan spindles corrode and it slows the fans till eventually it packs up....i just replaced it



what do i need to replace?


i bought a complete unit out of a 98 car! replacing it aint too bad either there are 4 screws in the panel that separates the engine bay from the area where the wiper motor/heater/battery are then the two bolts that hold the unit to the bulkhead and you`ve unpluged it, take battery out take plastic that sits round the battery and you can get it out that way, took me about an hour :thumb:

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