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escort gti break or fix?


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ok i have my mums escort gti in bits in my garden, 5 door state blue

box is out to do the clutch


generally good condition, just been wedled where it needs it


stuff to do for mot

fit magnex exhaust (std system rotted)

refit box

new cv boots to fit

otherwise seems very good


think its worth doing up or breaking up?


i can only imagine it mot'd would do maybe £600

breaking im guessing interior £100

exhaust £100

wheels £100


where else is the money?



could zetec my mk4 escort bonus with the parts too



what would you do?

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personally mate i would fix


but if your going to brake


as you have put above


engine,gearbox and ecu




skirts and spats






thats just a small list but there is alot of other stuff aswell just depends onwhat people need for there escorts

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