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state blue gti


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ok i have my mums gti in my garden all was good but needed a clutch/mot which im half way thru but bought a focus for my mum today so she doesnt need it now

cant decide if i should crack on and sell it done or break it while its already got the box out so ill make a list and the value i think the parts are worth and if i get enought interest i will break it- sound fair? trouble with just breaking is i could sell something like the ecu then be in rubbish street with the rest

5 door

brand new spare with brand new tyre never been out of the boot £60

interior very nice £100

4 wheels with good falken 512's £100

stainless magnex cat back repaired at join, ready to go £100

skirts with rear caps seal sand hangers £60

rear spats £25

suspension £30

hubs £20 ea

brakes £30 a pr

shafts £25 ea

steering wheel £25

spoiler £10

bonnet £20

doors £20 each

std ford cd very good £40

front bumper cracks from ramps on under side, easy tidy up £20

rear cracks behind mudflaps £10

headlamps £10 each

rear lamps all for £20

rad £15 complete with fan

engine £80

G'box £50

battery £25 (new last summer)

clocks £20

other stuff please ask, thats off the top of my head


in norfolk nr34

pic shows a similar car i know is also breaking

same as mine tho



i may use the engine in my mk4 bonus, im unsure atm

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rear is very good, had mudflap sand where the screws go in there ar ecracks but not an issue to fitting or seen, just was cold when i remove it to weld the chassis rails

i'd expect they both neeed a good polish as ill prob had corner marks as they all seem to

rear bumper has spats i can leave on

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