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99 Escort Finesse 2.0


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Hi all.

After 2 years of ownership I have decided to sell my escort. Its a great car but where I work it is always filthy sat in a steelworks car park all day, getting covered in dust and in the crap weather I have to drive through all the crap on the steelworks roads so I really need something that it dont matter about been ruined.


Its a 1999 Escort Finesse 5dr in Pepper Red. It is MOTed till oct 2010 and taxed until the end of June 2010. It has had quite a bit of money spent on it in the last 2 years aswell and has been modified quite a bit with most parts from members off evo. It has:


RS2000 Engine Conversion that was done over 7 mths (Dec 08- Jul 09) which has easily cost £600 to do, probably more. This was carried out by me and my dad and at some times I wished I had never started.

Spax Rsx Coilover Kit which iirc lowers between 35 - 60mm

Full GhiaX Leather Interior complete with door cards and cd changer under passenger seat (needs cable though) which isnt in bad condition, usual wear and tear on drivers seat.

RS2000 Front Brake Conversion

16in o.z 5 spoke alloys with falken ze912 215/35 front tyres and wanli 215/40 rears tyres (front 3-4mm tread, rear 4-5mm tread) but the front alloys could really do with a refurb.

Single Wiper Conversion

Rear windows tinted Limo Black (my first go, not perfect but okay)

Chrome door handles, Pepper Red Dash, gear and handbrake surrounds, Plasma Dials with s/s rings round each dial, s/s heater control rings, interior maplight. s/s bonnet lifters/supports, remote control boot release (made from cheap universal central locking kit i had).

4in s/s backbox

It wont be sold with the subs, amp or cd player, but i will leave the iso adapter and fascia adapter (not the cheap easy breakable ones, a solid one from america with a little pocket thingy in)

Scorpion Alarm that was supposed to be a thatcham approved but it wasnt fitted by a proper installer, it was a quick rush job, but it works. Doesnt control the central locking though.


There is probably more but I cant remember. It had both lower arms replaced when I first got it, but 1 got replaced at last MOT, along with a couple of brake pipes. Also 2 days after the MOT the starter motor packed up so that was replaced with a new one (£95!!!). When the engine conversion was done it had a brand new power steering pump aswell, along with a clutch off tezmanian devil, which he said had done around 700 miles. Although since it has been in the biting points nearly at the top of the pedal and it does slip occasionally, but maybe the cable might need adjusting. The engine had some seals replaced and had a full service and has done about 6000 miles since been put back on the road.

I do have some odd receipts, and loads of paypal invoices but when I bought the car I only got a couple of old MOTs so sadly it doesnt have a full service history. When I got the car it had done 52K and was absolutely stunning (cost me over £2K) but obviously now it has a few bad points, but what escort doesnt!

It now reads 68,500 miles but the engine I was told by the seller iirc had done around 70 - 80K but this cannot be guarenteed but it does run very well with no smoke or rattles but a couple of weeks ago it developed quite an erratic idle and what seems like a misfire, but I will try and fix this although it is still driveable.


Anyway the bad points...

Engine fault as above (easy fix i think)


Damp in the boot, but my dads mk5b has the same problem so maybe common, i dont know

As above the window tint isnt amazing

Clutch slips occasionally and biting point nearly at top of pedal

and last but not least, there is a couple of rust patches, both rear arches have started to go, a small patch on the passenger side wing at the bottom near the finesse badge and some evil person has scratched the passenger wing, about 4 inches long into the primer and there is the usual stonechips and marks on the front end.


It also has a towbar which has come handy for collecting some of the bits I have bought, which is why its still on.


It is located in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire


Angel eyes and Lexus lights not included


I think I have covered everything, but any questions please ask and thanks for looking


call or text me 07545836090 after 2pm if you have any questions

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Cheers Hezz :cheers:


























It looks dirty in some of the pics, but it will be cleaned before it goes

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few more pics


drivers side rear arch



scratch on wing



passenger rear arch (looks worse because of the muck)






plasma dials



I will hopefully get power steering leak and wheel bearing sorted this weekend, and remove the crap ford racing sticker off the back window lol



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