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engine swap


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theres 2 2.0 engines , the 2.0 zetec from a mondeo , and the 2.0 l4 rs2000 engine , theres a guide for doin the zetec engine ,


but the rs2k you will want its engine loom , ecu , engine , box , shafts , mounts , rad etc ,


mondeo is 136 , rs2k is 150,.

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ive got the 1.8 zetec 130 brake at the mo,so the mondeo 1 isnt really worth it


the rs2k ive got pretty much all the running already,mtx75 gear box shafts etc


so really id just need the simples engine loom rad and mounts?


or are the mounts the same and the rad the same?


ill only buy engine if it comes complete with loom and ecu any ways

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