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Central RSOC Show 2010

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Fast Ford are once again partnering with us at the show. They will be providing trophies for the quickest Ford cars up the strip in three categories, RWD, FWD, 4x4. All cars put forward for this must be taxed, have road legal tyres and have been driven to the event. No trailoring or towing allowed.


The Saturday will be an open 'Run Wot Ya Brung' day with race tickets being £25 for an unlimited number of runs (weather permitting).


Santa Pod will be organising camping on the Saturday Night for those of you who have a long way to travel and are willing to brave the elements, there are local hotels for those that require more comfort. The management of Santa Pod have agreed to open the bar on Saturday evening and provide some food stalls. They have also said the fair ground rides will be in operation (weather permitting).


On the Sunday the strip will be open to all makes of car (no bikes) at £20 for 4 runs (weather permitting).


Central are putting up two prizes for the Sunday. £200 for the quickest Ford and £200 for the quickest non-Ford up the strip. Cars must be road legal (taxed), have road legal tyres and must have been driven to the show (no trailoring).


New this year will be a 'Show and Shine' competition as well as RS Concours. The Show and Shine is open to all makes and models and there will be trophies for the top three.


Also new this year will be a 'Cars 4 Sale' area. This proves to be popular at other shows, so we are introducing an area for this.


Gate tickets are available for both the Saturday & Sunday, or just the Sunday only. 2 day tickets cost £20 per person in advance and include the fee to camp overnight on the Santa Pod camp site. Tickets for the Sunday only cost £12 per person. In both cases children under 13 years of age on the Saturday will be allowed in for free. Gate tickets for the Saturday RWYB only are only available on the gate at £10 per person.

Those of you wishing to run your car up the strip on the Sunday and be on a group stand will have to decide whether to race in the morning, or the afternoon. We will only be allowing car movements onto and off group stands during the hour the track is closed for lunch for safety reasons.


The gates will open at 8am (not before) on the Sunday for Groups to get onto their stands. Only cars displaying the Group Pass will be allowed to the show side of the track, so don't forget your pass, or try to blag it on the day. Santa Pod security will be in charge of who can and who cannot get to the show side of the track.


Club pitches will be allocated on the basis of the order the bookings were received. The earlier ones will get the better pitches. All club pitches will be on tarmac, the difference will be how far you have to walk to get to the grandstand and traders!


Places are being booked in the members area: http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/in...howtopic=132379

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