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My Escort


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Alright guys, I generally have no idea about cars but sent out one day to find a motor when I passed my test. I managed to get this car for £400. Tell me what you guys think.










The sub and speakers were replaced by me, as I couldn't handle the standard stuff that was in here. Apart from that I really want to modify this car and have no Idea where to start, I definately need two new bumpers the state of these are killing me.


The engine is in good nick a mechanic said, it's got 99.000 miles to the clock which can be quite off putting, but this car has done my no wrong so far. Apart from when I drove through a hedge and lost a wing mirror (that's why they are those black ones).


Worth £400?

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my opinion, obv. bumpers, respray mirrors, colour code bump strips or remove them (depend where you park), new grill, pair of new plates (always think new plates make a car look nicer), GTI interior, cat back exhaust, or at least a back box (have one if your interested), induction kit or panel filter, diff alloys and a thorough polish should see you right
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