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the blue bird (mk6 Si cabby)


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was an impulse buy this if im honest already havin several other vehicles dotted around the driveway wasnt really in need of any more but love my escorts and i couldnt leave it sat there laid up, was like a puppy neeeding a good home, spotted on the friday, took it home saturday :cheers:


she was laid up needing quite some work, with no mot or tax but its an escort, how hard can it be to see it right.


here she is a few weeks back when picked it up.
















working 7days not done too much with it yet other than give it a quick clean, ghia grille and fit chrome door handles and put door cards back in, took maf an throt body off for clean etc






bits that want touching up










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they are getting attacked with thinners. quite like standard light on hatbacks but cabby might suit something a bit different,spotted a few sets that are m3 style red and clear at bottom on ebay.de, not seen any esoort over here with them so might go something like that and hope it looks smart. little project that shouldnt owe me millions when its done. im unsure on the glitter in the lacquer, would much prefer it without that but it lights up in the sun nice.
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Lovely colour! I hate cabby seats though, they look rather 80s


There not cabby seats, cabbies are the wingbacks with smaller bolsters....there the proper full shoulder hugging wingbacks I make a point of fitting in every escort I ever own (by far the best OEM option barring aftermarket seats for comfort & stability in a escort....and yes I include recarros in that statement)


there infact the exact same pattern I currently adapted for using in my mk5b....except Im half leathering mine.


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