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My 'new' car.


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Another car in a long list to try out! :innocent:


Basically standard engine spec, but has a few other mods. 18" Oz alloys, custom stainless exhaust by K-Tec, fully adjustable KW coilover suspension, polybushed, AP calipers painted yellow.


Car was filthy when i took these so i'll post some better when it's had a good clean.









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I will say the opposite to Kev.... the phase 1 of these look awesome and prefer them alot to phase2. Love love love these. Following one the other day and I just want to try one. Exhaust looks good...sound good too I imgaine. Wheels good too


Cheers Matt, never driven the phase 2 i guess they must be better? Hate the standard wheels so it was a bonus getting these.It's just had all the suspension set up and brand new set of Toyo tyres, all poly bush gives a great 'feel'.The exhaust sounds awesome.These cars attract too much attention for me, the noise and looks just make peole stare! The plate is a bit cheeky too, i might just sell that.

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These are certainly bonkers, something interesting to drive for a while!


Can't say I'm keen on the fact you can see the exhaust rubbers and things though :(


You're meant to see them, that's why they are yellow.I was going to do a black plastic mesh but i think it looks quite 'tough' and suits the styling of the car.Each to their own. :thumb:

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not often I say it about yours cars Al, but these aint my cup of tea at all :unsure:


Lol SpongeBob, you are just too old and miserable. :cheers: If i remember correctly there have been a few cars you've not liked..........but can't remember what as i've owned too many lol.

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