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New problem with thermostat housing

Flesh Gordon

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Alright so head gasket went, replaced that, re-assembling everything and then drip...drip...drip


we had a slow drip onto the bell housing and have since replaced each part of the system, both senders, the o ring and thermostat

Also Ford don't make the paper gasket between the housing and cylinder head anymore so we had to make our own one from 0.8mm gasket paper


but still drip...drip...drip



So today I received a new Thermostat housing on the cheap off ebay for 29 pounds but

the sender on top of the original unit has a 15mm thread and the new housing seems to be 13mm


fairly disappointing as the number on the side of the housing matches up apart from the last two letters being AG instead AF on original



Not only that, but I can't see any splits or cracks on the old housing, it was leaking between the housing and cylinder head



the date on the part seems to be 14-01-99


Would the sender from a mk1 focus be suitible?








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