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Back In Another Escort


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I've been driving about in a crappy little punto for the past 3 months to do til my renewal which is now due in 2 weeks so decided to advertise the car for sale and see what comes up. Tried my luck on swapz website and got an offer straight away for an Escort 1.6 Serenade. Not my first choice of car due to engine size but it has 71k on the clock and full MoT. The punto has 102k and 8mths MoT. Well it went through and I'm now the proud owner of Escort Number 6


It has rust on the back passenger arch and a bit on the boot, nothing to worry too much about. The Mrs absolutely hates it because it's green :pancake: I'm happy to be back in a Ford tbh and can't wait to start doing bits and driving in more comfort (than a Fiat) :P





Swapped Alloys for a set of 7 spokes and gave the car a clean..





And then Fitted some Ghia chrome bits. Not sure yet whether to paint them black :unsure:




Got some more bits coming soon, so will update when they arrive :thumb:

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Cheers Saunders, not too sure about the cambelt so is on the to do list :thumb:


Tinted my headlights today. Hands are cut n sliced pmsl but got there in the end, with a pretty good result.... imo lol.


Also painted the ghia grille to go with the lights. Not seen it properly yet cos it was dark when I fitted them.


Only pics i have so far...





Alot more to do but slowly getting there




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