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Delboy - What have you done?!!


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Been trying to get a pic of this ironic Reliant since I moved to this burg. Finally got the mofo in my sights today. For once it wasn't going the other way, or long gone before I could get a pic


Fair play to the owner, a guy with a great sense of humour, who was happy to let me snap a few piccies.


Would have loved to get more but it was chucking it down. Anyway...



Ladies and gentleman, for your delectation and delight, I give you...



...The Rockin' Robin:





Peewee might appreciate this little bonnet-mounted detail:






...And, to make sure we all know that this is one mean, no-messin', mother, check out the mascot mounted on the... errr.... visor:






I can almost hear Steppenwolf playing as I write this shyte!

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