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Problem me thinks but maybe not - Confuzzled


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Will start at the begining - always a good place :nutter:


Mk6 Escort Cabby with 1.8 Zetec EFI Engine - 130ps.


Changed: All Filters, dropped oil and replaced with Castrol Magnatex, New Plugs, New HT Leads, ICV out - cleaned and put back, brake system flushed and replaced,


New Cambelt Kit, Drive Belt, on Order - to be changed within next month.


The Problem..if there is one - it maybe just how the csar drives.....it seems to me that when doing between 40 - 45 mph it lags like it has a flat spot and i just wondered if anyone else had come across this and if so what the solution was.


Cheers in advance



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Would depend what gear your in, what kind of revs is it at? Could be remedied with a shot of injector cleaner in the tank?


5th...which i know seems a low speed to be in that gear but the car seems to rev high in 4th, revs in 5th at about 2500 iirc, have put petrol treatment thro, is this different to injector cleaner?? If so can you recommend one?

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