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Strange one.... car wouldn't start

Fat Del

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Ok I'll do my best to explain this one.


Car is a mk5 XR3i.


Done this a few times now. I get in, drive around like normal and the car will work fine for a few weeks. Then every now and again, i'll get out the car for a short space of time, like at a petrol garage and then go back. I turn the key and nothing happens at all. The ignition lights etc come on, but the key turns pass the place where the car would normally fire up. But there is no firing noise, the starter motor doesn't turn or anything.


So far the only thing that seems to work, is leaving the car for about 20 minutes, then trying again.


I'm thinking maybe the immobiliser? But I really don't know what the problem is. Anyone got any ideas?

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When I got that in my old gti it turned out to be the fusebox. It could be loads of things though. Check the ignition wire from the starter to fusebox for continuity, its as good a place to start as any.
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