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Views on selling/px the car...


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Hi all


Well I have been thinking of either selling my 1.6 Escort or alternatively P/X for a smaller car e.g. 1.1 or 1.2 engine.


This is because my insurance is so expensive.. £100 per month at the moment :(


The tax and MOT are also both due shortly. It seems the tax is £105 for 6 months if the car is 1.6 or above which I was a bit shocked about! :unsure:


So, I just wanted to see what everyones views are on whats best to do... Sell or Part Exchange?


Also, as the tax is expensive I was also thinking of declaring the car as SORN until sold/ready for P/X. Would this be a good idea? And can the vehicle be kept on a driveway? Or alternatively, a residential parking area? Are these both considered 'off road'?


Thanks for any opinions on the above.



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