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Loading times for most game improve dramatically when installed to the HDD... Really recommend it!


Forza 3 needs to be installed in this order to work...

Insert first disc->load game normally->Allow it to install Disc2 on request->once finished, insert disc1->install disc 1->play


Halo3 slows down when installed as it's designed to cache loads of info to the HDD... Cache'ing info from DVD->HDD is sometimes quicker than HDD->same HDD (especially the case with the older 5400RPM 2.5" laptop size drives used in the 360).

Halo3 will also warn you that you shouldn't run it from the HDD on first load after install.


But yeah... If I use a game a lot I'll install it! Just a shame 60GB doesn't go that far :(

Ideally could do with a 250GB for only 10x the price of upgrading the 2.5" drive by DIY :(

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