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Going on from the topic of the Mustang.....


I want this f150!!!! f**k the Harley Davidson!!!! :drool:








And here is the roush in my model F150



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What's your truck worth Lee?


Could you buy a roush mustang or a roush truck with the money from selling your harley?


Worth about £12,000 now. :(


No way could I get a roush version from selling my F150. :(



I'd rather have yours, they are trying too hard with those ad just look cack, roush mustang or nothing!.


How do they look cack Liam?


the Roush bodykit is the same as the F150 kit apart from they have stuck blue stripes on it? :rolleyes:

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Ah ... I looked at a Jack Roush stage II truck. (04 - 08 shape)


But ... Its only 2wd and is a street Truck ... The Roush Charger can be dealer fitted with warranty.


The best truck to buy would be a Saleen charged HD .. They have 470BHP @6psi and the HD spec on the new trucks is mint ...

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