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off the road again!!


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well after spending 3 weeks back on the road, she is off the road again! :nutter:

she's had 2 tryes, new battery, new windscreen, new handbrake, unrated calipers and discs, new front brake pipes, new grill, new front bumper, new skirts and loads of other bits that has been done outside the house in the :censored: weather, but it needed to be done! :nutter:


she went into the garage yesterday, took the whole front end off again :nutter:

today we have sorted the door out, you have to take the wings off to adjust them, so tomorrow we will be putting the wing back on, sorting the bonnet lifters and meshing the new bumper ready for her to be sprayed :thumb:


hate it when i can't drive her, specially as i only just got her back ;( but on the up side she will be black again when she comes out 8)

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The back bumper lets this car down for me, bottom half just looks like a stuck on after thought :(

it is! :roll: :roll: well not an after thought, but it is stuck on! when i originally did the car i ran out of money and needed something so bought the valance and put it on, it was meant to be changed but it's still on and to be fair at the mo it has took a back seat again cos she needs other things that are more important :nutter:

so at the moment it stays :unsure:

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pics have come out to big! that was yesterday, i have some from today too, gonna post them if i can get the size sorted! :nutter: :nutter:

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pics have sorted themselves out, so here's from today :thumb:






bonnet lifters back on :thumb:



back together, start sanding! :nutter:


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