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Escort from russia (MOSCOW)


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hi! I live in Moscow. I am fond of rallying support in the championship of Russia. Well, now about Ford. I got this Ford from his mother, the family he had since birth that is from 1990. engine at its 1.3 carburetor + everything squandered channels raised the compression ratio. wasted intake manifold and carburetor. Issue is set at 51 pipe. Well, on the suspension springs from LADA 2108. Motor dead whatever you want to be more powerful. bought donor Escort 1992 Engine 1.8 Zitek. and now engaged in the construction of the motor and the introduction of it into my escort gradually lay out photos. есче at the same time and decided to completely restore a body and paint.


how to lay out photo

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all bad all the photos I have a lot weighing how to compress, I don `t know (now try to lay out the photo of my rally car lada vfts










photo of Ford tomorrow)


We in Russia tuning at no escorts at all (it would be great if you establish forward to me in Moscow some things. but it is after.


Block 21230

knee 88 facilitated refined oil feeds, polished to a mirror

144 lightened cranks, polished to a mirror

pistons forging with 2 rings with a diameter of 84 propellant

oil pump Muscovite bonder

Flywheel Steel 30 hgsa under ceramics sax

ceramic clutch, single plate, without demfernoe 6, daisy wheel sakch 200

tray with a counter tide

Reduced steel crankshaft pulley

oil radiator unknown manufacturer CELLAR 1.2 liter

under the oil cooler adapter Moka


compression ratio 13.2 110 ethylation fuel

runoff klopan, peretocheny from Ford

Clogged Chriqui

plates D16T

Channels 36vpusk on 35vypusk

bronze guides from 08 they are shorter

refined combustion chamber

Copper 3 layer gasket diameter 85

p val 13podem overlapping 5

inlet delorto 40

Kolektory matchlock steel

Spider 4v1 more than 60 pipe in the side of the cavity rally art

shoe gear


two contour braking system

Prev 14 of 2112 blocks from alpha OMP on gravel, asphalt 4 piston AP RASING

back eye

reinforcement brake tube



reinforced bridge

scalded draft

ass 4 Amort

before 2 Amort sax fret Rally

body reinforced safety cage

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Thank you for accepting me on your site . in this moments make the motor. but there is a problem no one in Russia can not write a program on the processor. Paet I stand before a choice to do a turbo or leave as is. Ideally I would like to receive drosel and intake manifold from rs 2000 but did not know whether he will rise to me (I have a motor Zítek 1.8 105 hp. oen dream spollere from Cosford. now doing the body after the accident. I would like to find absorbers screw. before 2 years ago I used this car as a training car for rally there was a roll cage sparco seats amogo Marcus Gronholm and his co-driver Timo, steering wheel sparco rally

but the engine was a 1.3 as he went 1.6. and request for help or advice than you can will be very grateful. and write the language more simple please and it is difficult to translate

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attracts me to write programs in online mode. ie chip tuning. well if you do not fit on then I will do turbo. opyatzhe but I was not happy with my intake is too small. but the receiver I can digest and then he would see me get up


добро пожаловать к escortevo вы могли хотеть попробовать babelfish свое хороший переводчик

thanks are translator and the really good


in me problem I cannot flood to the forum of the photo of my escort they much they do weigh that to make prompt?


http://www.lada-vfts.ru/ the club of the amateurs of lada of vfts here I associate we arrange the encounters of rally the sprint


http://turbo.me.uk/ я хочу сделать также как и на этом эскорте (I want to make just as on this escort)

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