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Elactricle problems


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Been trying to sus a mates problems on his mk5b, windows have stapped working as has the central locking, i have checked thefuses and conections but all seems fine, also it has just started draining the battery within a few hours, had a brand new battery 6 weeks ago but no change, had it tested battery and alternator test and both are fine, i have checked all the plugs a earths under the bonnet and nothing seems amiss.

Can anyone shed any light on this or give me some ideas as i am a bodyman not an electrician.


Thanks Bryan

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i had a similar problem with my mk3 orion aaaaaaaaaagggggeeeeessss ago..(mk5 escort saloon) and it ended up with the fusebox rewired..

if you get stuck.. give this guy a bell..

martin lambert auto electrician..


he sorted mine out ;)


Nice one mate, what sort of money was it.



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