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please help 1.8 zetec running problems


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hi ive just bought an 1993 escort si 1.8 16v 130bhp for my girlfriend and im having a few problems


here goes


when i start the car from cold it idles really bad and sometimes i have to keep my foot on the accelerater a little to keep it running but iff i rev the car passed 3000 revs it will just cut out then if i go to start it again it wont and sounds like theres no compretion then i wait 2 mins and try again and it will start but again i cant rev it to much if i keep it running till the temp guage gets about quarterthe way up then the car driver perfect and i dont get any more problems till the car is cold again


ive already replaced both the sensors on the thermostat housing

and done a full service with 5w30 oil and sone wymes valve treatment and replaced the plugs and leads

and ive also tryed a different coilpack off my own car wich i know is fine

ive also reeplaced the crank sensor

and lambda sensor

and removed the cat as this was rattling and i thought may have been blocked

ive cleaned out the idle control valve with carb cleaner


im running out of ideas and shes waiting to drive the car but doesent want to drive it till its right


i love escorts and have been trying for 2 years to get her to have one and its all blown back in my face


please if anyone has any ideas i would be very greatfull


thanks in advance




p.s sorry about the long winded post just thought it would be best to give as much detail as poss

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