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My new car


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Hey all the escort gets used for everyday running around but for the weekend and long jeourneys I use the new golf I bought last month.


It's a golf fsi sport in silver 2004 plate

it has a gt front bumper gti seats light conversion & tinted windows.

Right I got the car for £1800 and yes before u say that is cheap there is some reasons y it was cheap. First thing is it had police markers for drugs & weapons, that's wasn't a problem I have police in my work place all day and I get on with them well, once I recieved the log book I went into work and asked one of them if it can be removed. And it was so that problem sorted. It has a slight dent in the rear quarter but as it's not any CAT that's not a problem will b cheap to repair.


I must say I do prefer the golf but I think it's because it's new hence the comfort etc etc. Can't belive that I done 3500 miles since I had it tho.


Pictures will follow shortly

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Scorted na not stolen mate ust had some history for drugs. but the police markers have been removed now :)


stevmo3691 yeah will be getting the window tinted mate :)


also fingers crossed my parts come tomorrow.

* Gti front grill

* Gti Head light

* 2 new mirrors

* 4 x new door strips

* new brakes

* Gti vw car mats


also had the windscreen replaced yesterday :) will post some new pictures once all parts are fitted.


Any know if its easy to chance the back breaks on this?

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