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Rust problems


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Hi everyone. Im having a proper nightmare today. Got my GTi sideskirts and decided to fit them so I attached them at the top and got my jack out to do the bottoms. Jacked the first side up at the jacking point and didnt notice any problems. Did the same on the other side and when I put the car down noticed a pile of rust on the floor unedr the car. When I looked under the car the seam where the sill meets the floor was gone! Checked the other side and its the same. I presume this means I need to replace the sills. Am I right? How much is it going to cost? and where is the best place to get it done?





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Where the sill meets the floor you say.. so really you mean in the footwell where the floor meets the sill ridge?

mine went there and i welded it, the RS is the same and needs welded there and the other side has been done.

it mainly happens to the escorts without mudflaps due to the water and grit and rubbish hitting it for years ;)

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