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Quick AMP question


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I was using a crappy old Sony CDX-MP40 up until my brother gave me an upgrade albeit an old Sony CA900 last week. I've had trouble with the amp remote wire on the new unit as it seem to be supplying current intermittently i.e switching on and off randomly. I've tested the wiring using my old Sony just to ensure it is working correct.


I've now managed to narrow the problem down to the pin on the headunit that supplies the current for the amp remote on the new headunit. :vangry:


As connecting the amp remote directly to the battery is likely to drain my battery after a couple of days and keep my AMP switched ON, is it sensible to wire the amp remote to the fuse for the electric windows and is this likely to fudge anything on the amp or car?


I have already tried this for a couple of minutes and it worked but I have disconnected it to get a second opinion and in-case I break something. :unsure:


The reason I have chosen to use the electric window fuse is because it switches off once the ignition is on Posion I or under.

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I make a point of fusing any addition wiring I install, as for the remote wire on mine, I ve gone as far as isolating it with a 4pin automotive realy on a ignition switched live so eliminate the amp from a power drain issue I had a few weeks back.
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